Monday, November 24, 2008

Week Daze #1

This is the first strip... pretty crappy but that's cos I had no idea how to start the series. That kinda turned out to be the strips "joke"... funny or not... you decide. :D


Welcome to Week Daze

Welcome to Week Daze, the semi weekly/bi-weekly/monthly webcomic that tries not to suck too badly.

Week Daze actually started quite a few years ago when I was in college. I created a strip called School Daze which was about a bunch of high school kids and their various hi-jinks. I didn't do too many of them and I think only 3 of them actually made it to full colour status. They are available for viewing in my DeviantArt gallery...

Fast forward to the present where I decided to re-invent School Daze. Now the characters are all grown up and in crappy jobs... just like me!

Hopefully I can churn out Week Daze fairly regularly but we'll see about that...

Enjoy and thanks for looking!