Monday, January 26, 2009

Week Daze #8 - What's in a name?

So little background first. This strip is kinda like a tribute to one of my favourite movies! A little-known Aussie film called Hercules Returns where a trio have to provide an impromptu voiceover on an Italian Hercules movie. There's a bit in the movie where a group of guys go see Sampson and Delilah and then a gag involving her name and a Tom Jones song ensues... hilarious!

Speaking of this movie, I had it on VHS a long time ago but then the tape went missing. I always wanted it and could never find it, then just this past week a co-worker manages to find it on DVD! What a weird coincidence.

Oh and a big up to my bro (of JUVIES fame) for helping me with the funny in this strip!

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Jarred Cramer said...

Ha ha awesome man. ?? 'Swindle' studios hahaha!!!